Losing Your Home? Let Bay Realty Help.

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Let us try to help you keep your home, or, if nothing can be done, at least help you protect your credit and limit your liabilities. Most people do not realize this, but a bank can sue you even after they take your home! At Bay Realty, an Attorney owned and run Real Estate Company, we can help YOU and protect your rights through...

  • Loan Modification
  • Forensic Document Review
  • Short Sell of your House
  • Getting Cash for Keys

Call Bay Realty today at (619) 721-3377 and ask to speak with Bogdan or Josefina, or email us at info@sdbayrealty.com. We speak English, Spanish, and Russian. We can help...

If you, or anybody you know, is affected by the hardships associated with the downturn of the economy, and as a result need assistance dealing with a distressed property let attorney-led Bay Realty help you. We can work with you and help you:

  • Modify your Loan to make your monthly payment more affordable. In many cases we can help you modify your loan and make and lock your payments to be no more than 30% of your monthly income
  • Perform a Forensic Review of your Loan Documents. Banks make mistakes too! And their mistakes could mean leverage for you to get your loan adjusted and monthly payments reduced.
  • Short Sell your House instead of allowing it to go into foreclosure, thereby saving your credit and reducing potential tax liabilities. Short Sale is always better than allowing your house to lapse into foreclosure.
  • Get "Cash for Keys." If, unfortunately, nothing else can be done and you have to move out, you still qualify in some cases to get cash from the bank. In most cases, if you qualify, you'll be able to stay in your home for up to 6 months rent and mortgage free!

Bay Realty is a local attorney-led real estate company. Call us at (619) 721-3377 today and ask to speak with Bogdan or Josefina. We speak English, Spanish, and Russian. Our goal is to walk you through your distressed property case and find you a suitable solution.

For free government help visit: MakingHomeAffordable.gov

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