Planning on Buying Your First Home?

buying first home in san diego real estate
  1. In today's market it takes about three to four (3-4) months to close a deal, so why wait? You can begin looking for your perfect home today!
  2. If you start looking now, you can be settled before the holidays and welcome family and friends into your new home.
  3. Houses in the mid-price range have stabilized and can be bought for 95-100% of their true value.
  4. As yet another incentive for buyers, right now houses in the upper price range are a great investment as they have not yet returned to their true values. For instance, a house that used to cost 1.5 million dollars or so just a few years ago can nowadays be purchased for under a million. Those houses will come up in value. However, as with any recession the high value properties take longer to recover so this is an opportunity for you.
  5. FHA loans are available for first time buyers. An FHA loan allows for a down payment of 3.5% of the purchase price and eases the stringent credit score requirements of a conventional loan so that buyers with foreclosure or bankruptcy history can purchase too.
  6. We can help you buy REO's (Real Estate Owned by the Banks), with their "as is" clauses, we will negotiate the best terms for you and navigate you through the strenuous procedure.
  7. So what are you waiting for?! Click here to search for San Diego Homes near you, find the one you love, and call us to see it in person!

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